Do’s and Don’ts of Goal Setting

Career advice is good to have when you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of all that is available to you. The article below can offer you advice that you probably haven’t heard before, so take a few minutes to read it and see how it can help you!

“Try focusing on one goal at a time. Use a small goal that you know you can do each day for the next two weeks, like getting up without the snooze or drinking eight cups of water. Build that first habit to boost your confidence and pick up speed.”…Do’s and Don’ts of Goal Setting

Aren’t you glad you took a few minutes to read that article? Well, although this has a lot of useful advice, there are other articles on this site like it. Just click on the links below if you want to get more career advice that you can put to use in your own life.

Read more information on how to set career goals


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