About Rosie Sorrel


Hey I’m Rosie Sorrel and I’m a bank manager from Grand Rapids, MI. I’ve lived in the state my entire life, although I have jumped around from city to city to explore my career options. At 48 years old I’m now set in my career and I truly enjoy what I do. When I’m not working I do enjoy going for bike rides or planning birthday parties for my nieces. I started this career blog to share useful and hard to find information.

A few years ago I was looking around online for information about how to get a better position for the bank I was working with. Through my research I learned a lot, and that information actually ended up getting me the management position I have now. So, I figured now that I have my career, I want to help other people have their own! I’m hoping my tips and tricks can give people career advice that they can put to good use.


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